How to download from Google-play Store using PC !

Now you can download your apps and games from Google Play store using your PC!

just follow this easy steps without download any programs !

1-go to Play-store

2- choose your favorite apps or games !

3-copy the link as this pic!
4-go to this Site

5-past the link and click generate download link


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Stop and skip "AdFly" Automatically !

Hey :D 

For me i hate to see this site or this Ads !

So , i tried to search about solution For this annoying site   !
just download this Extension  for :

Google chrome Users : 

1- Go to this :  HERE

2-Click add to chrome 

3- Restart your browser !

For Firefox users : 

1- go to this link : Here

2- click Download now !

After installed  this Extension,, it  will skip ads automatic !

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New Facebook Style 2013 !


New Facebook  style 2013 ,, i see it's  looking Amazing :)

you can watch the live demo and get it from this 

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Choose Your Own Facebook Cover !

1-Choose the Site !

2-Choose your own cover :

3-Allow app

4-enjoy now ;)

Also you can make your own creative cover from this    Tutorial

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Make your photo with awesome effects in 3 steps only !

Make your photo with awesome effects online without any program !

1- Choose any site :

2- Choose your effect :

3-Upload your photo :

4-Save your photo :)

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Facebook chat emoticons by "Mohamed mahmoud" fixed !

for Google chrome users :
see how to install it from here without any problems  : 

or here

for Firefox :

on this video u will know how to use any script from on Google chrome with tampermonkey like greasemonkey  on Firefox

install userscript Facebook chat emoticons from   click here

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try and using Android system on your pc

now u can using  android system on your PC,, 

download and install  Android app , games and try it on your PC

1- first download this program

2-install it on your pc

3-now open it >> and enjoy ;)

u can using Google store ,android market 
like galaxy tab :)

this photos from my pc 

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